WDP Victoria’s Student Pilot Project

The Student Pilot Project is an exciting 9-month project being run by WDP Victoria that aims to build relationships between newly arrived international students with established Australian students and residents in Melbourne City.

We are partnering with universities, colleges, polytechnics and student accommodation to deliver a series of Community and Home Welcome Dinners from November 2018 to June 2019. At these dinners, participants will bring food that tell a personal story about their life, culture or family and share these with other guests and will be encouraged to organise welcome lunches and dinners in their own homes after the community events to further deepen social connections.

Volunteer with the Student Pilot Project

If you are an international or local student and would like the opportunity to volunteer with WDP on this project, please complete this application form.

Volunteering for WDP will help you develop leadership, event management and interpersonal skills. Read more about the benefits of volunteering with WDP here.

Attend our upcoming Welcome Dinners!

Sunday 2 December: Carlton Community Welcome Lunch. Register here.

Sunday 9 December: Student Welcome Lunch at Coby’s house in Brunswick. Register here.

Help us promote!

We want all students in Melbourne to hear about our upcoming Welcome events. Can you help us by printing these posters and displaying them around your campus or workplace? Download these posters by clicking on the images or links below.

Student facilitator Training Poster

Brunswick Home Welcome Lunch Poster

Carlton Community Welcome Lunch Poster 

Partner with us

A diverse range of partnership, support and sponsorship opportunities are available to organisations and individuals. To discuss this, please contact one of the project managers below.

James Seow: james@joiningthedots.org

Ludi Zhao: vicstudents@joiningthedots.org


The Student Pilot Project is organised in partnership with Scanlon Foundation, Study Melbourne and City of Melbourne.


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It was an honour to host Australian people in our home.

– Mohannad & Maisoon (newly arrived family, refugee background)

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