2015 Crowd Funding Success


We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported our crowd-funding campaign during the month of June.

We raised just over $40,000!!!

We are incredibly happy with this result and in awe of how people like you from all around Australia got involved. A total of 540 people donated, some who have been backing this initiative since the beginning and many who just heard about Welcome Dinners for the first time, making us feel very supported by the Australian community!

Special thanks to all six members of our crowd-funding committee, who have worked tirelessly for many months to bring this campaign together. Along with the hard work of our 30 crowd-funding champions, it was a magnificent effort!

What this means…

The funds you so generously gave are going towards organising more Welcome Dinners in every State, as we keep building towards our dream of a welcoming and inclusive Australian society… and for the first time we will now reach several regional areas!

We continue to require further funding to be able to employ our State Coordinators in a sustainable role. If you have an idea for how we can raise $, we would love to hear from you! More information can be found here

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