Core Values


We are welcoming and we prioritise this right from the initial invitation

We are accessible to everyone, breaking out of the boxes and stereotypes people are put in

We are community-centred and community-driven

We break down barriers: e.g. with practical things like helping with transport or interpreters so that people can be included

We pay attention to detail

We are positive yet gutsy: we create change not by fighting back or speaking against, but by creating an alternative, using imagination and creativity and the resources at our fingertips.

We value equity – placing value in every person, trusting and truly believing each has a contribution to make and that everyone has a story to share.

We appreciate everyone’s contribution

We listen deeply

We practise a holistic approach, utilising systems thinking


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I felt there was a shift from unease and awkwardness, to feelings of connectedness, harmony and joy.

– Maria (Established Australian)

Testimonial Author


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