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The Welcome Dinner Project also organises and run community welcome dinners in partnership with councils, sponsors and community organisations. These larger events are a great way to celebrate a community milestone, launch a new initiative or just get a taste of the project with lots of your neighbours! People who are new to Australia as well as established residents are encouraged to come along to these events and bring your favourite plate of food to share.

Some past community welcome dinners and large events include:

Open Marrickville Festival Welcome Dinner
Melbourne Welcome Dinner @ The Couch
Welcome Dinner Project Exhibition on Martin Place
Lakemba Harmony Week
Redfern Community Centre Welcome Dinner

Want to get involved? You don’t need to have signed up for a welcome dinner; just click on the event you want to attend below and you will be shown how to register.

Please get in contact with us if you have a great idea for a community welcome dinner or would like to partner with us. We love designing beautiful welcome dinners that join the dots in community!


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    If you would like to bring a friend to a Welcome Dinner, please tell them that they will need to register themselves.
  • Newly arrived means you have been living in Australia for less than 10 years. Established means you have been living in Australia for more than 10 years.
  • For more information about hosting visit
  • 1) I understand that my personal details are subject to the Welcome Dinner Project Terms of Use 2) I am aware that the Welcome Dinner Project is a not-for-profit voluntary activity for the purpose of creating a culture of "welcome" in Australia 3) I am aware that members of the Welcome Dinner Project organising team will contact me in the coming weeks to further discuss my participation in a Welcome Dinner 4) I agree that my participation in a Welcome Dinner will be at my own risk and no responsibility for any loss or misfortune will be taken by the Welcome Dinner Project nor any of our supporters or affiliates. Please note that the Welcome Dinner Project has a Risk Management plan in place to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in this initiative.

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The welcome dinners have been a bridge for me to find lovely friends.

– Shazrad (newly arrived, seeking asylum)

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