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Welcome Dinners wouldn’t happen without our amazing team of volunteer facilitators. The Welcome Dinner Project relies on volunteer facilitators to create successful experiences where people come together across cultures over a shared meal. Every Welcome Dinner is led by at least two trained facilitators who ensure every dinner upholds the spirit of the Welcome Dinner Project and is welcoming, safe and comfortable for all.  A facilitator is someone who makes conversation and interactions easy.


What’s involved?  A Welcome Dinner Project Facilitator:

  • Works with another facilitator to lead Welcome Dinners and support the host
  • Calls and emails guests prior to the dinner to confirm their attendance
  • Coordinates the food and makes sure the table is set for a good time!
  • Leads some small ritualised activities on the night which helps the conversation flow
  • Is the point of contact for guests and hosts and follows up with everyone after the dinner
  • Is an ambassador for welcome in their community!


All Welcome Dinner Project Facilitators need to complete the 1-Day Welcome Dinner Facilitator training workshop. After successful completion of the training you will assist a lead facilitator to facilitate Welcome Dinners until you are ready to step into the lead facilitator role yourself. The date and time of each Welcome Dinner is determined by the Welcome Dinner hosts and attendees in conjunction with the availability of the facilitators. Dinners usually begin in the evening between 6pm and 7pm and conclude by 8pm-9pm, although some prefer to have a lunchtime gathering.

The initial training day will cover everything you need to know to get started as a Welcome Dinner Facilitator.  

The welcome dinner project has paused facilitator applications temporarily. Please check back in the future.

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“The welcome dinners have been a bridge for me to find lovely friends.” – Shazrad (newly arrived, seeking asylum)

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