Arriving to Australia as a family from Iraq, Ali, Haneen and Hasan were able to form a large circle of friends through the WDP:

Good Friends are Priceless

Initially we  were involved with the Welcome Dinner Project as guests. After this first Dinner, our circle of friends got bigger and become more diverse because people were from all different backgrounds. Our new local friends helped us a lot in merging with the Australian society and learning more about the culture. Also, the different types of delicious food that’s served at Welcome Dinners increase our home menu items, and even make it healthier as we learned new nutrition tips.

One of the most significant aspect for us was practicing the popular and local activities that we have learned from our new friends. For example, we got our first kayaks after we enjoyed the experience of kayaking with Toowoomba WDP coordinators, their families and other friends. In my culture, this is not something you would do on a weekend by the way. We used to spend the holidays time at the coast in crowded cities because we did not know how else we can enjoy the beautiful places around Toowoomba. But the kayaks and the getting more into the camping thing gave us the access to the amazing amazing nature  inland. So, now I am taking any opportunity to spend few days or even hours to go outdoors, camping, kayaking or even barbecuing in the fabulous nature around Toowoomba. This is very significant to us because now we believe that we found the right way to have good times in the Aussie way.

All the adventures that I am experiencing these days is because of my new good friends from WDP. I wouldn’t be able to find and connect with them without this project. So meeting new friends is the most important thing for me that I got from the Welcome Dinner Project.

Ali, Haneen & Hasan

newly arrived family from Iraq

WDP participants

based in Toowoomba, Queensland

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