Are you a Welcome Dinner champion?

Happy - Brisbane March 2016

Are you a Welcome Dinner Champion?

One of the most amazing things about The Welcome Dinner Project is its accessibility to people of any age and background. Everyone who participates or volunteers is contributing in their own way and making a difference. For our up-coming crowd-funding campaign starting mid-June we are seeking champions – people who have experienced a Welcome Dinner and want to help ensure other people can also have a seat at the table. Champions have their own crowd-funding page and can personalise it with their own story. Last year, 20 champions raised over 90% of our national total, almost $43,000! And we want to do it all again with a new group of champions. This year we plan to form a team of champions in every State and Territory and we will have a special Champion’s celebration dinner at the end of the 2-week campaign.

WILL YOU CONSIDER BECOMING A WELCOME DINNER CHAMPION FOR YOUR STATE in 2016? Fill in this short form and we will then call you to chat about it further.

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