Merry Christmas! It has been an absolute pleasure sharing these Christmas stories with you and we’re delighted to end on this one from Christine* who, for the first time, felt welcomed to Australia as a participant at a Welcome Dinner.

More Than Just a Dinner

I was doing nothing. Almost literally nothing, in between of all appointments while waiting for an asylum. And then I heard about the Welcome Dinner Project. I wasn’t confident enough to attend on my own, but Perth WDP Coordinator made sure that I was comfortable by giving me a lift and looking after me throughout the Dinner. It was actually the very first time I felt welcomed in Australia. Also, I met so many amazing people whom I probably wouldn’t be able to meet as I wasn’t leaving my place much. Since I’ve been helping WDP in some organisational aspects of the dinners in the area.

I can see that by taking part in the Welcome Dinner Project, people get involved in the wider community, they become friends through dinners.  They generally feel more happy, confident, accepted, grateful, helpful… So I am really grateful that I can help and give back through this project.

I feel that the most important aspects of the dinners is what is happening after the dinner, the impact it has. Therefore, I am actively involved in trying to keep people connected after WDP.


asylum seeker

WDP participant & volunteer

based in Perth, Western Australia

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons

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