Collaboration with the Blak Markets

On the first weekend in April we had an amazing Sunday at the Blak Markets in La Perouse (Sydney), where over 40 newly arrived friends were welcomed by our First People in a special welcome ceremony, with captivating cultural performances and dance. This was followed by an array of activities such as basket weaving, bush crafts and story-telling.

Blak Markets Group photo

This event was a collaboration between First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation, The Welcome Dinner Project, the Red Cross and The Asylum Seekers Centre.

According to CEO of First Hand Solutions, Peter Cooley, “Aboriginal people are welcoming friendly people, and also the appropriate people to welcome newly arrived visitors to Australia.”

“The day is a chance to share stories on not only the hardships but the achievements we share with people dispossessed from their land and forced to leave their communities.”

First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation started the Blak Markets two years ago and ran them as a monthly market for two years before transforming them into a quarterly Aboriginal cultural festival. The next Blak markets festival will be the Naidoc Festival on Sunday July 3.

Blak Markets with WD participants Blak Markets Weaving Blak Markets traditional dance

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