Community Welcome Dinner in Eastlakes, Sydney

On Friday 2nd of June, a Community Welcome Dinner was hosted at Eastlakes Community Centre in Sydney.

90 people came along to share food and stories. On the day before, eventbrite tickets were all gone and everyone was quite excited about preparing the food they will share and curious to know who would be there.
On the night, each table of 10 people was vibrant and active even before the official start. We all came together for a beautiful clearing dance and Welcome to Country by Aunty Jenny.
Then, stories of names were shared as well as food from all around the world: Iran, Indonesia, Brazil, France, Egypt…
The atmosphere was warm and friendly.
It was quickly coming to an end with a final activity. Everyone was invited to share in one word the way they were feeling at that point, and even if most of us were tempted to say full, the range of feeling was quite heart warming. As the microphone was going around, we heard people say they felt : loved, lucky, connected, excited, energised, special…
At the end, everyone helped packing and it felt quite special too.
Thanks for our partners, South Eastern Community Connect, Sydney Multicultural Community Services, Bayside Council, and a big thank you to all participants for sharing their food and stories.
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