Fairfield Public School Community Welcome Dinner

by May 31, 2017

For our last Community Welcome Dinner in March we held a truly fantastic Community Welcome Dinner at Fairlfield Primary School in partnership with St Vincent De Paul Society’s SPARK Program, and Fairfield Public School.

The entire group of families, children, partners, and everyone else, all got up at the end of the Dinner to dance in a huge circle around the room, singing and laughing together, in honor of a Middle Eastern tradition called ‘Yabke’, to celebrate the joy everyone felt at the end of the Dinner. Twenty of the younger attendees were invited onto the stage after the dancing, eating and fun, to share with everyone how they felt after the Dinner. Every single one of them answered with the same word, ‘Happy’
The meals were amazingly delicious and incredibly diverse, from Fijian dishes, to spicy Iraqi and Iranian dishes, to classic Australian favorites, all which were spread across the tables for everyone to enjoy.

We extend a huge thank you to our facilitators Freyja, Emilia, Ruth, Darren, and Louise Stack from St Vincents, along with the childcare workers and school staff, who helped to turn the Fairfield School Hall into a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy such a lovely evening.

We’d like to personally thank Kim Cootes, the EAL/D officer from Fairfield Primary School, and Maisoon Yalda, the Learning Support Officer from Fairfield Primary School, who helped to make this night a great success! Maisoon Yalda was one of the first newly arrived Welcome Dinner facilitators to host a Welcome Dinner in her home, and we are humbled to have a woman with such a strong connection to the Welcome Dinner Project and the Fairfield community support us through the years.

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