Family Picnic

by Dec 28, 2016

In July, we took part in the Welcome Family Picnic at Coopers Plains library with our good friends from Mums 4 Refugees and the Brisbane City Council. Councillor Steve Griffiths from the Moorooka Ward dropped in to say “hello” and “welcome” and to officially open the proceedings. Across the two hours of activity, we connected with 76 adults and 50 children. Our time together was filled with food, sound, culture and the arts. Our line up included performances lead by Tichawona Noble Mashawa, a composer, singer, guitarist and player of the Mbira and nyunga nyunga (thumb pianos). He transported us to Africa in songs and stories, vocals and traditional music. We were also entertained by El Telóm for kids who energetically and hilariously told stories through mime. Finally, Bernadette Galea performed Jewel’s “Hands” and “Life Uncommon” powerfully.


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