You may have seen that The Welcome Dinner Project team have been busy bees on our social media channels lately. This is because, on November 1st, we launched our campaign with a difference! We took on your advice from our previous crowd-funding campaigns and decided we wanted to do things a little differently this time around…

We’re all about extending our welcome to new arrivals in Australia, so that they may feel a stronger sense of community and support, and we wanted this to shine through with this month’s campaign. We created something that’s more than asking for money, we’re giving you the chance to connect with your family and friends. That’s why we’re inviting all our supporters to play a part in creating more Welcome Dinners by hosting your own fun event to say #WelcomeYourWay. There are so many different ways to say welcome, enabling you to have fun with friends, family and colleagues and raise funds for the cause.

Whether you are an individual or business, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to events.

We are aspiring to reach our goal of 10,000 Welcome Dinner participants by our 5th anniversary in March 2018. 

Will you join us in making this dream a reality?

Our registration list continues to grow by the day and so many people are still waiting to take part but to hold more Welcome Dinners we need more resources. Each Welcome Dinner is carefully and thoughtfully planned and every participant is supported to be able to get to the event and take part in a meaningful way. Because of our personal approach and attention to detail, each home Welcome Dinner takes an average of 10 hours to coordinate. It’s this coordination that we need funds to sustain. We are also continually striving to improve our model and systems to enable the project to be fully embedded in and led by local communities, through technology such as a Welcome Dinner Project App, which we plan to build in 2018.

We need at least 200 events across Australia during the month of November to reach our target of $50,000!


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