joiningthedots inaugural team retreat!


This very special gathering brought together many of our national team for the very first time! For four days we took “time out” to live the joiningthedots philosophy, reconnecting to self, one another and the earth. The first few days we were in the expert and caring hands of Eco-evolutionaries Astrid Miller and Jill Nolan, using symbol and the natural elements to inspire and revive us from the inside out. The final days were spent gathering our Welcome Dinner stories from across this vast continent, deepening our understanding of the dots we’ve joined and those still emerging, beckoning our attention. It was some of the best work I have experienced in harvesting and enquiring and setting goals through story-telling and presencing. Although we would all have appreciated one more day to work on our future strategies, everyone agrees it was an incredibly beneficial time which built our individual and collective confidence and brought us all much more clarity about our work. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know one another too! Special thanks to our host Peter Adams at Windgrove as well as the Tasman Eco Village. Looking forward to making this an annual event!

Retreat photo 1 Retreat photo 2 retreat photo 3

retreat photo 4 retreat photo 5


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