Meet & Make with Aseel Tayah

Join the Welcome Dinner Project for a presentation and Middle Eastern cuisine demonstration led by Aseel Tayah.
Saturday 2nd October 2021, 5.30 PM
This event is free, however places are limited
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About the presenter: Aseel Tayah

Aseel Tayah is a Melbourne-based Palestinian artist, creative director and cultural leader who uses her practice to advocate for artists of colour, mothers, children and young people, “changing the world, one project at a time.” She has recently been described by the Multicultural Arts Victoria as “an unstoppable force in the Australian cultural landscape”.

Through the power of storytelling, Aseel’s artistic practice creates awareness and facilitates connection by humanising the experiences of people who have been displaced. As such, her work is embedded in the community and is often highly responsive to current issues.


Portrait of Aseel Tayah


She has created Bukjeh and Lullabies Under the Stars, inviting communities into the experience of asylum seekers and refugees, through deeply personal and transformational multiart engagements.

Aseel has been involved with the WDP since the very early years and was part of our special Welcome Dinner that was filmed for Channel 10’s The Project. We are excited to be able to feature her amazing cooking and story! Keep yourself posted in the following days as we announce more details for this series!


Eggeh and Tabouli


She will teach us how to make homemade Middle Eastern Cuisine called “Eggeh & Tabouli”. Get the ingredients ready and be inspired by Aseel.


Aseel Tayah Aseel Tayah cooking with child

Read more about Aseel here.



What is “Meet & Make”?

“Meet & Make” is a new hybrid  model of The Welcome Dinner Project being trialed in Victoria, providing inspirational presentations and facilitating sharing of cooking experiences and stories in a virtual setting. It’s an innovative platform born during the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown to continue to connect newly arrived people (international students, refugees and migrants) with established Australians, to help ensure no one gets left behind and has an opportunity to build new connections and friendships.

How does it work?

The Welcome Dinner Project Victoria invite community leaders who are either Indigenous or from a multicultural background to share a unique recipe, ingredients and important information about their traditional foods.The presentations are followed by a virtual Welcome Dinner experience, facilitated by The Welcome Dinner Project team.


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