Meet & Make with Hamed Allahyari

We warmly invite you to our next “Meet & Make” virtual Welcome Dinner event with special guest presenter Hamed Allahyari. Join us for a unique experience of Persian cuisine and a time of sharing stories and making friends.

Tuesday 26th October 2021, 5.30 PM
This event is free, however places are limited
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In this up-coming “Meet and Make” we will have the exciting opportunity to hear from Hamed Allahyari, a Persian chef, caterer and cooking instructor based in Melbourne, with years of experience in the kitchen.

The format of “Meet and Make” will be a short presentation by Hamed followed by an opportunity to cook one of his delicious recipes (you will be given the recipe and shopping list beforehand). We will then share stories and connect with others over dinner. The process is guided by Welcome Dinner Project facilitators and you will undoubtedly experience some of the magic of a Welcome Dinner, despite the virtual format.


About the presenter: Hamed Allahyari, Founder of Hamed’s Persian Kitchen, Cafe Sunshine and Salamatea

Hamed was born in Iran’s capital, Tehran, migrated to Australia in 2012, and has called Melbourne home since. His life revolves around food and sharing his Persian cultural and culinary heritage with the local community.


Hamed Allahyari


“My life here still revolves around food and, in particular, sharing my Persian cultural and culinary heritage with the local Melbourne community. I was previously running cooking classes with Free to Feed, a not-for-profit social enterprise cooking school that facilitated my first paid employment in Melbourne.

Grateful for the support I’ve received from FTF and other like-minded initiatives, I have now launched a social enterprise of my own – Cafe Sunshine & SalamaTea – a cafe by day and restaurant by night, which employs and empowers other refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants facing the same difficulties I faced when I first came to Australia.”

What is “Meet & Make”?

“Meet & Make” is a new hybrid  model of The Welcome Dinner Project being trialed in Victoria, providing inspirational presentations and facilitating sharing of cooking experiences and stories in a virtual setting. It’s an innovative platform born during the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown to continue to connect newly arrived people (international students, refugees and migrants) with established Australians, to help ensure no one gets left behind and has an opportunity to build new connections and friendships.

How does it work?

The Welcome Dinner Project Victoria invite community leaders who are either Indigenous or from a multicultural background to share a unique recipe, ingredients and important information about their traditional foods.The presentations are followed by a virtual Welcome Dinner experience, facilitated by The Welcome Dinner Project team.

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