We love to share the stories of our volunteers but also the wonderful dinner participants we meet. Since arriving to Australia, Anika has been active in Welcome Dinner Project events. She shows boundless passion and dedication to the cause, assisting greatly by making other new arrivals feel welcome in her presence.

New Arrival Profile – Anika

Hub: Melbourne

How did you hear about WDP and why did you get involved?

When I first arrived to Dandelong two years ago, I began volunteering with Southern Migration Refugee centre. It was there that I saw a poster about the Community Dinners held by the The Welcome Dinner Project. I went to my first Community dinner in 2016 and since then, I’ve been to one in Footscray and one in Brunswick. I also recently attended my first home dinner in Albert Park.

What’s your favourite WDP Memory?

My favourite memories blur into one! As a new person to the country, mixing with the WDP community feels like home. I live in Dandelong, a community with lots of refugees, and it can get lonely. I’d love to invite them to my own home or to Welcome Dinner events!

More about Anika

I work in child care for an agency, meaning I’m always on call. I love attending Welcome Dinner events on the weekend as they are a much needed and relaxing activity to enjoy on days off.

What is your favourite meal?

I like to bring a new meal to every dinner I attend! Favourites have been Bengali egg curries with rice, which are very traditional, as well as fried vegetables. Other favourites are chicken Biryani and beef Tehari.

A special sweet dish I like to make is rice or semolina pudding with milk, sweetened with sultanas, sugar and spices!

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