Official Launch of joiningthedots


In October 2011, joiningthedots hosted its first official event with a screening of Our Generation, the ground breaking documentary on Aboriginal rights, which has ignited a people-power movement across Australia. It’s a film every Australian should see.

Following the film screening, we had the rare opportunity to host a Q&A panel with Richard Trudgen (author of Why Warriors Lie Down and Die), Dianne Gondarra (Yolgnu woman and daughter of Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra), Witiyana Marika (of the band Yothu Yindi) and Rebecca Harcourt (ASB Indigenous Program Coordinator at UNSW; Director of Red Cockatoo Australia and Founder of Reignite the Fire).

It was such a great night, the audience was really engaged and it felt like we had successfully created a space for “active listening”. Unexpectedly, a group of young people from Guatemala and El Salvador turned up (they were in Australia to take part in an OzGreen Program), which really topped off the night—the universal connections were confirmed!

We were fortunate to have the NSW Teachers Federation sponsor the venue and Food Connect donate the lucky door prize, enabling us to give the proceeds of $400 to AHED, a project in NE Arnhem Land, enabling Yolgnu  entrepreneurs to realise their visions.

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