Study NSW – International Student Engagement Award 2016

by Dec 21, 2016

 Guest blog by Freyja Dixon: On the 11th October I was honoured to represent the Welcome Dinner Project at the International Student Awards at the Opera House. We had been nominated by our partners at the University of Newcastle Sydney Campus for the award in the category of Community Engagement. In early September a Welcome Dinner was organised and hosted by Meg Frawley at her home in Forest Lodge. The Dinner was attended by international students from both UTS and University of Newcastle and was filmed by Digital Storytellers to be screened on the night of the awards. It was a fantastic Dinner filled with lively conversation and many attendees have met up since. I was thrilled to watch the video for the first time at the Opera House. After the video was screened, myself along with the two other nominees were invited up onto stage and the winner was announced…. we had won the award! It was delightful to receive such recognition for our work with International Students who are an integral part of the Welcome Dinner model. We keep learning how important it is for International Students to connect with local families and be invited into Australian homes. A big thank you to joiningthedots Chairperson Katrina Tahka and Mel Mewburn for accompanying me to the Awards night and another massive thank you to Meg Frawley for making it all happen. Most importantly I would like to recognise all of the International Students who have worked up the courage to come along to our Welcome Dinners and brought with them a great deal of vibrancy and goodwill to build bridges in our society.

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