The Welcome Dinner Project is now its own non-profit Company

The Welcome Dinner Project (WDP) officially became its own entity on Thursday 28 June 2018, with members unanimously passing a special resolution to change the company name from joiningthedots to The Welcome Dinner Project.

This took place after months of discussions amongst the joiningthedots Board of Directors, team and external experts concluded in a recommendation that giving the company over to The Welcome Dinner Project would be the most seamless and productive pathway forward, one that will allow for the nurturing of The Welcome Dinner Project as it moves into its sixth year.

The Welcome Dinner Project has seen many successes over the five years it has been in operation, with close to 500 Welcome Dinners being held across the nation, seeing nearly 10,000 participants and close to 400 volunteers trained as facilitators

Simply put, The Welcome Dinner Project has outgrown the umbrella organisation joiningthedots, which initiated and has brought the project to life thus far

β€œThe Welcome Dinner Project has reached an incredible milelstone where it can stand alone and take on new direction, while the umbrella organisation joiningthedots can begin to explore new directions as well,” says founder Penny Elsley.

β€œThe opportunity for The WDP to be its own company will allow for significantly clearer focus and we hope this will lead to greater possibilities of partnership and support.”

The team is now in the process of making necessary administrative changes to WDP systems and its brand, so you can expect to see these changes being rolled out later in 2018. ioiningthedots will no longer be a registered company (for now) but will continue to pursue other opportunities to bring the connections the world needs.

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