I Managed to Turn My Tiny Apartment Into a Welcoming Space


Waiting for the people to arrive was the most nervous part of the evening!

Having spent the afternoon maneuvering items in my tiny apartment to accommodate my 8 dinner guests I was looking forward to seeing all the food that people would bring to share.


First to arrive was my neighbour and a friend of hers. Having only met her the week before I thought it would be a good idea to invite her along. Then came another friend and six international students that I met through people volunteering at my work.

After some initial introductions, we spent the next few hours talking about all the countries we were from and about life in Australia.

The idea of inviting 8 people over that didn’t know each other was a little daunting at first – then at the end of the night all I wanted to do was host another Welcome Dinner!

Courtney Payne

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