Ultimo Community Welcome Dinner

In late March the Welcome Dinner Project team hosted a fantastic Community Welcome Dinner at the Ultimo Community Center on a cold and windy Thursday evening. Despite the wet weather, over 70 City of Sydney residents were warmly welcomed by our facilitators for a warming night of games, food, performances, conversation and community.

One of our facilitators, Ruth Pickering commented how nice it is to connect with people in the inner city at a Community Dinner, and remarked on the high turnout of young adults at the Dinner. A large portion of attendees were International Students from the University of Newcastle, UTS and Navitas English College, as well as a bunch of other people from the area. There were some amazing dishes from the Caribbean, some spicy Indian curries which warmed everyone up, and some delicious Taiwanese dishes.


We were delighted to be provided some icebreakers, lead by Sylvia Liu and The Fusion Culture Group, who provided entertainment with a tai chi performance about the breaking down of social barriers, and a very enthusiastic and loud improvisational drumming group!

It was a fantastic Community Dinner at the Ultimo Community Center, thank you again to Sylvia Liu and the Fusion Culture Group, The amazing Ultimo Community Center Team, our facilitators and all the attendees for making it such a great night!




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