“We made plans to meet up again”

Glebe 1
At the end of October, we were very pleased to be able to organise a Welcome Dinner in Glebe, Sydney. The atmosphere was vibrant and conversations were buzzing from the beginning to the end. Lots of people realised they were neighbours and were sharing tips about the area. Most of the guests didn’t want to end up the flow of conversations and decided to have a few drinks afterwards at a nearby cafe.
Our host, Jade, shares her experience:
We participated in the Welcome Dinner as a way to connect to newly arrived people and do something practical to combat the isolation and lack of welcome that some newly arrivals face. It felt like a simple and practical gesture of hospitality, and a way to repay the kindness we’ve received from strangers as visitors overseas ourselves. I was a little bit nervous about having a group of people I’d never met into our home, and a bit concerned we wouldn’t all fit in! But the staff were so friendly and flexible, helped with the planning and on the end there wasn’t all that much to do as a host except make a dish, be there and make people feel welcome. It was a fun, chatty and friendly evening with great food and easy connections between people. Our group had so much fun we are planning to meet up again soon! Would definitely recommend.”
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