Henry’s Welcome Dinner Story (aged 11) …

Henry at Welcome Dinner in Canterbury NSW

At the end of November the Welcome Dinner Project went to Canterbury, Sydney, for a House Dinner. We gathered at Libby’s place. Our host was fantastic and the guests all seemed rather relaxed. We shared some wonderful stories and food in a really warm atmosphere. We were proud to have Henry as one of the participants at this dinner. Henry is 11 and saw the Welcome Dinner Project on TV a few months back and asked his parents if they could register. Henry and his Mum didn’t hesitate to reply positively to our invitation to participate to a Welcome Dinner. Henry helped his Mum to prepare a beautiful dessert. We asked him what was his impression:

Henry’s words below:

“I enjoyed the welcome dinner because I met people from all over the world. I got to eat some amazing food that was brought from countries like Italy, America, Nepal and Sri Lanka, as well as Australian food. We played games which helped us get to know one another, including one at the end that told every one how we were feeling. I put down ‘thankful’ – for the people who run the welcome dinners. It is a great way to share traditions, cultures and foods.”

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