Welcome Dinner in Historic Parramatta Town Hall

On the 8th September at the historic Parramatta Town Hall, 140 people from all corners of the globe came together to share a meal.
We partnered with the City of Parramatta, Jesuit Refugee Service, the Red Cross, Amnesty International and the Community Migrant Resource Centre to create a safe welcoming space for established Aussies and newly arrived people to meet and make connections. Some had been in Australia forever, others only for two months.
There was so much warmth, joy and compassion in that space, and for at least one night it didn’t matter how you had come to Australia or what you did for work. What mattered was the sharing of delicious food from every culture you can imagine, lively conversations about our passions, hopes and dreams, and a shared desire to feel a sense of belonging and to help others feel welcome too. By the end of the evening there were many beaming smiles on the faces of participants, volunteers and partnering staff, and a feeling of renewed hope that with enough Welcome Dinners we can change the world, one dinner at a time 🙂
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